Whale Watch

Since all whale watchers are 'guests' visiting the natural environment of these animals, we consider every whale watch a true expedition rather than a sightseeing excursion. Thus, your whale watch boarding pass is not an admission to a show, but rather an opportunity to observe wild animals which, on a world wide basis, are quite rare. Whether we sight these marvelous creatures is entirely up to the whales; the probability is quite excellent--we have a 99% sighting record. On the rare occasion that we do not sight any whales or dolphins, a free pass good for one year will be issued.


We are very fortunate to be located central to Jeffreys Ledge where cold, nutrient-rich waters support a large variety of sea life, including zooplankton, krill, sand lance, herring and mackerel, all of which are favorite foods for the whales. All of our whale watches travel to Jeffreys Ledge or the northern section of the Stelwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.  During the past several years, Jeffreys has hosted the largest population of whales on the New England coast. Jeffereys Ledge attracts a large variety of marine mammals. On our expeditions we have a chance of encountering 40 ton Humpback Whales, 70 ft. Finback Whales, Minke Whales and highly endangered Right Whales. Other species sighted include Atlantic White Sided Dolphins, Harbor Porpoises, Pilot Whales, Harbor Seals, Sharks, Tuna and Ocean Sunfish.


Our whale watches are led by experienced and qualified naturalists who enjoy sharing their love of the marine environment with our passengers.  On board are educational materials, kids books, and posters.  Our staff is always available for questions!


We are committed to preserving the marine environment.

-Our engines and generators are both EPA Tier II certified.

-We recycle everything possible that is generated onboard the boat, from cans and bottles to used lubrication oil from our engines.

-Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used whenever possible.

-We abide by all whale watching guidelines and operate our vessel responsibly when we are in the company of marine mammals.




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